90% of VMware SDDC infrastructure issues result from known issues, 10% arise as bugs at manufacturer kernel level. In such an environment, improvement is ensured by Googling for hours and searching and reviewing 50000+ VMware Knowledge Base articles, Best Practices and Security Hardening Guides. You can open a case to the manufacturer and get assistance for solution of issue. This huge information wealth includes methods that we use reactively only after issues emerge and may take serious time. Why don’t you apply this shifting resources proactively? Time is valuable.

Why Runecast?

Fully Operational Transparency
You start to see the invisible issues by scanning and analyzing your VMware infrastructure that you use in your own environment or outsource with Runecast.
Security Compliance and Risk Reduction
You start to see your security risks by checking compliance of your VMware infrastructure on which your critical business operations are conducted with leading security standards.
Best Practice Audits for VMware Operation Continuity
It automates  Best  Practice audits for VMware ( vSphere, vSAN, NSX-V, NSX-T ve Horizon ), AWS,  Kubernetes,  SAP  HANA (in vSphere), Pure Storage (vSphere) on a single control panel.
VSphere HCL Version Upgrade Simulator
While shifting to new version or integrating new ESXi host into the existing environment, you can simulate version compatibility of your ESXi hosts and I/O devices and see operational problems that you may encounter.

“Saves time, reaches solution quickly”

You spend less, but more quality time in your infrastructure and detect trouble making points and reach solutions quickly thanks to its very quick analysis capacity.

“Reduces interruptions and is cost-effective”

Discover and fix hidden issues before causing interruptions. Save time and avoid audit penalties.

“Measure and harden your VMware security”

Continuous security compliance, secure architecture. Now your environment follows the best security regulatory standards of the sector and make you ready for audits.

Runecast Analyzer, Your Smart Expert Assistance

It is a recommended product for all sectors that use VMware infrastructure. It adds operational visibility and transparency to VMware infrastructures that your critical IT / OT business operations need. You have the capacity to observe, audit and report your critical VMware platform that you operate as a VMware expert or obtain as an external resource without having a VMware expert or to apply periodical health check for your platform and subject it to audit regardless of its size. It operates as your continuous digital smart expert assistant specific to WMware in your critical infrastructure within your own company without affecting any service and is licensed depending on the number of CPUs. You can manage your central or deployed VMware DataCenter infrastructure for your enterprise or customer on a single platform with Enterprise Console through Audit licensing (Security Assessment – Health Check) or annual licensing model and make real-time status analyses continuously. With SPP (Servie Provider Program) modeling, you can offer your group companies or customers Runecast solutions as a service.

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