OTD Bilişim

OTD for continuity, performance and security of your IT infrastructure adding power to your business

IT Technical Support Service Point

Are you looking for an experienced service point to detect your problem and produce a quick solution? OTD specialty will give you confidence

Technical Support for manufacturer solutions

We offer value-added professional boutique services by planning enterprise manufacturer solutions in your IT infrastructure according to your needs

OTD Is Your Service Contractor

We respond requests of Corporate Customers and Partners for professional services with our technical expert and consultant source with senior certificate

What We Offer?

During Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation Process, we bring the products that we distribute with boutique expertise and corporate solutions we believe to be successful as an Authorized Partner in the field and you together.

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SCADAfence, Garland, SafeBreach, Salvador
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Other Services and Solutions

Our Services

    • Professional Services 
    • IT Consultancy Services  
    • IT Solution and Business Development
    • IT Project Management   
    • Security Evaluation  
    • Installation Services 
    • Technical Support Services  
    • Operation & Maintenance Services
    • Training Services


    • IT Security Solutions  
    • Network Security Solutions  
    • DDoS Attack Detection and Prevention Solutions
    • New-Generation IPS Solutions
    • New-Generation Security Wall Solutions
    • Remote Access VPN Solutions
    • KWireless Network Security Solutions
    • LAN Security Solutions
    • Web Security Solutions
    • LAN Security Solutions
    • Network Monitoring and Management

    • Application Security Solutions
    • Anti-Spam and E-Mail Content Security Solutions
    • End User Security Solutions
    • IT System Solutions o Data Leakage Prevention Solutions
    • LPDD Solutions o Mobile Security Solutions
    • Cloud Security Solutions
    • IT Network Solutions
    • WAN Solutions
    • Branch Network Solutions
    • Campus Network Solutions

    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions
    • Log Management and SIEM Solutions
    • Data Protection and Archiving Solutions
    • LAN Solutions
    • Wireless Network Solutions
    • Data Protection and Archiving Solutions
    • WAN Optimization and Band Width Management Solutions
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