In Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation Process, we bring products that we Distribute with our Boutique expertise and corporate solutions we believe to be successful as an Authorized Partner in the field for you.

“Our Expertise Gives Confidence”
We listen to your problems and expectations in the field of IT and OT Network & Security. We analyze and draw your infrastructure. We plan and establish correct solutions and topologies and give confidence. 
"We become a part of team and care infrastructure"
We offer Professional Boutique Services with Added-Value and adopt your infrastructure for continuity, performance and security of your infrastructure.
"We are kitchen of the work, offer the right product and solution"
We are a team performing facility discovery, network analysis, security evaluation, architectural design and professional services for integrated infrastructures in the field of IT and OT Network & Security.
“We are a team with high field experience”
We provide sales of corporate products and professional services with reference to distributorship and sales partnership agreements with Corporate producers in the field of IT and OT Network & Security.
“ICS Cybersecurity Platform that makes invisible visible”

While your Industrial Automation networks called Shadow OT are digitalized, it is possible to make OT communication traffics and OT equipment operating as closed circuit previously visible with SCADAfence and detect cyber threats, security vulnerabilities and risks more quickly with behavioral analysis.


"Complete Visibility Platform for Your IT & OT Infrastructure"

In order to continuously monitor your network, it transfers a copy of the data traffic over the network devices with the integration of passive network to the component of your choice. Garland Technologies offers scalability and flexibility to deploy what you need whenever you need it, allowing you to focus on what’s important: performance and cybersecurity.


Mostly Discussed Issues

Garland Technology's bypass TAPs and packet brokers are designed to provide Visibility for Security and Performance Solutions. We remove blind spots and create a "foundation of visibility" that provides the capability to capture network monitoring data without impacting the network path. We thus build visibility architecture for your cyber security strategy by providing complete packet visibility for Security solutions on your IT infrastructure from remote sites, data center (including Virtual infrastructures) and on-premise. We improve uptime and eliminate packet delivery issues.

Bypass TAPs and packet brokers offered by Garland Technology are designed to provide 100% Visibility for Security and Performance Solutions. We help mitigating cyber security risks in critical infrastructure established via legacy connections and automation field. We plan Network TAPs throughout your industrial network area without leaving any blind spots and thus, provide complete packet visibility to security solutions even for Level-0/1/2 Data Flows, improve system uptime and eliminate packet delivery issues.

While you are connected to the corporate networks of your company remotely for 7x24 for business, we protect you and your company by subjecting your connection to two-phase authentication and end-user security with components of Check Point EPS End-user security EDR solution.
You start to see your cyber security vulnerabilities with OT security risk evaluation report by monitoring Industrial Control Systems and OT networks of critical infrastructures continuously or periodically with SCADAfence Platform.
SCADAfence performs continuous Vertical Network ( IT <--> OT ) and Horizontal Network ( OT <--> OT ) analyses with CNM, so you can make an effective and efficient network segmentation and integration during your Macro and Micro segmentation processes thanks to field data and traffic flow direction information shared from day-1.
We locate Check Point advanced attack prevention solutions to protect your critical IT / OT infrastructures and data against day zero ransomware attacks.  If your organization is under Ransomware attack, you may request for “Emergency Support” and apply to our IRT service.
We provide end-to-end protection for your critical IT / OT infrastructure and corporate data in innovative sophisticated 5th-Generation Cyber Attack times with “Check Point INFINITY, a new-generation advanced. Approach corporate security approach and harden your defense against developed attack vectors.
We develop mutual integration of sensitive network connections backed up in your Bist Colocation projects ( ITCH, OUCH, PAY, VIOP, FX, HFT,.. ) with BIST, network configuration with low delay and determined solutions for your needs for secure access.
We provide integration consultancy services for secure and determined access of intermediary firms from central and DRC locations to BIST – Bloomberg – Reuters infrastructures and professional boutique services for your needs for network integration and secure access.
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ELDER (Electricity Distribution Services Association)

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How Can We Help You?
Our Solution Partners

Check Point

We develop solutions together in our all IT / OT security projects. We locate Check Point for corporate customers prioritizing security.


We recommend Cisco applications and solutions in all our IT / OT network projects. We position it on Cisco for corporate customers who attach importance to their network.

Micro Focus

We recommend Micro Focus for needs of corporate customers for IT / OT operation Log Management and SIEM and for PPD - GDPR, Big Data Analytics.


In Industry 4.0 transformation process, we recommend VMware platform for critical business operations and ERP solutions of corporate customers.


We locate DELL products in needs of corporate customers for server, storage and computer in their IT / OT projects.


Making critical automation infrastructures visible, SCADAfence Cyber Security Platform is your security reference point in Industry 4.0 Digitalization period.


We deploy Radware solutions as the advanced DDoS Attack defense system for the Critical IT/OT infrastructures of corporate customers.


In order to corporate customers to be ready against any possible cyber attacks by performing regular internal vulnerability analysis and penetration tests in their General IT structures, we deploy RAPID7 cyber security solutions.


We deploy Safebreach solutions to validate the security solutions (Security Validation) used by corporate customers in their general IT&OT infrastructures, and to demonstrate the risks with BAS (Breach Attack Simulation) tests.


With the Garland Platform, which is a continuous monitoring solution for industrial environments, we help you eliminate blind spots and manage the attack surface by providing 360-degree packet visibility of your IT / OT critical infrastructures.


Salvador Technologies provides Cyber-Attack Recovery for ICS & OT Systems thereby ensuring Full & Fastest Recovery From Ransomware Attacks and Computer Systems Malfunctions. This patented air-gapped technology reduces the risks of data loss and enable full system recovery in just 30 seconds.

Our success stories are written with products and solutions of trustable vendors!