As critical infrastructure and industrial companies invest in digital transformation to increase operational efficiency, cyber risks have become more prominent, resulting in unscheduled downtime, negative corporate brand perceptions and data & security concerns. 100% visibility is becoming a challenging task as the size and complexity of networks increase. Current cybersecurity strategies combine both inline and out-of-band solutions with a suite of active blocking and passive monitoring tools. Network TAPs provide best practices for providing packet visibility from commonly used switching devices to NETWORK AND SECURITY monitoring tools rather than SPAN connection. Threat detection, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and forensics tools, as well as tools for network protection, can access complete packet data to analyze.

Why Garland?
Visibility just starts with tracking from the packet.
Network TAPs (test access point) are hardware devices that allow you to access and monitor your network traffic by copying packets without affecting or compromising network integrity.
You cannot secure what you cannot see.
Whether deployed at the edge of the network, within a traditional data center or on-premises, IT security has a common theme. “Complete packet visibility for feeding cyber security tools”
Deploying network TAPs throughout your industrial network area provides complete packet visibility for security solutions, improves uptime and eliminates the packet delivery problems that SPAN/Mirror ports inevitably present.
Eliminates blind-spots
A blind spot is a network-independent partition or device on your network that your monitoring tools cannot detect. Because you can't see or monitor these areas, it's impossible to know what's going on in them or to analyze data between specific network segments. The most effective way to prevent this is to leave no blind spots.

Operational Visibility

Avoid Packet Losses to optimize your network

Complete network monitoring without any blind spots

Visibility for Solution

Garland Technology's complete inline bypass TAPs and packet brokers are designed to simplify modern security stacks with the first integrated bypass family handling your entire security strategy. From remote sites, data centers, and on-premises, it:

  • Offers complete packet visibility for security solutions, improves uptime and eliminates packet delivery issues. 
  • Removes blind spots and creates a "foundation of visibility" with the capability to capture network monitoring data without impacting the network path. 
  • Builds visibility architecture for your cyber security strategy by achieving visibility over your critical infrastructure.


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