Securing Food & Beverage Industries With Precision & Fidelity

ST Industry 4.0 | July 2021

OT Security

Securing Food & Beverage Industries With Precision & Fidelity

Food & Beverage Manufacturing’s Unique Security Challenges 

Cyber security goes beyond IT security and segmentation of industrial networks, it must also protect the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that are at the heart of the F&B manufacturing processes. These systems control production quality and recipe execution, like the mixing of ingredients and the temperatures at which beverages are bottled and stored before shipping. Any unauthorized change to an ICS controller due to a sophisticated cyber-attack or an innocent human error, can result in the production of tainted and unhealthy products, and the price of such an error can be exorbitant. Disposing a production batch due to incorrect ingredient ratios, altered sugar levels or milk temperature, for example, can cost F&B companies millions of dollars. As a result, food safety dictates zerotolerance for unintended changes to manufacturing processes. In the event of a safety issue, F&B companies have no choice but to shut down the relevant production line until the problem is sorted out. As F&B manufacturers typically operate 24x7 and operate multiple production lines, downtime costs due to an ICS-related cyber incident can be astronomical.

The Need for a DedicatedOT Network Security Solution

Applying IT-oriented security tools in OT networks does not protect the OT networks from OT-specific attack vectors. Utilizing IT security tools in OT might even be as dangerous as “no security”, as they provide a false sense of security. OT networks, equipment and protocols are different from their IT counterparts and therefore, require a different mindset. Planning a robust OT network security architecture requires security solutions that are tailored for their characteristics, and are specifically designed for the high availability nature and the unique traffic patterns of the OT network.

SCADAfence Platform

SCADAfence Platform is an industrial network 

monitoring system that provides cybersecurity and visibility for ICS/SCADA networks. SCADAfence Platform provides automatic asset discovery and inventory management, threat detection and risk management. By employing a wide range of algorithms, machine learning and AI, it detects anomalies and security events that can compromise availability and affect the safety and reliability of the OT network and its assets. SCADAfence Platform is the only solution in the market that is able to support the unique requirements of large scale industrial networks from a size, complexity and coverage perspective, while maintaining an affordable TCO

Real-time Continuous Network Monitoring and Protection for OT Networks

SCADAfence Platform Offers Superior Protection of OT Networks with Powerful Features that Include:

  • Automatic discovery and full visibility and management of OT asset inventory
  • Network dashboards for traffic and security health
  • Network mapping and connectivity analysis
  • Detection of suspicious activities, exposures and malware attacks
  • Operational alerts on asset and service availability, and performance issues
  • Proactive actionable warnings regarding risks and vulnerabilities in the OT network
  • Deep analysis of industrial protocols and industrial equipment activities
  • Automated management level reports

SCADAfence Platform seamlessly integrates in existing networks. It completes the firewall and SIEM solutions, by providing monitoring and alerting capabilities. Our platform connects to switches’ mirroring ports, and integrates with existing security products and incident handling tools via standard industry interfaces.

SCADAfence Scenarios

Why SCADAfence?

Industry Leading Performance

The only solution to provide full coverage of network traffic monitoring (no sampling, no filtering)

Multi-Site Monitoring

Designed to provide a central view of security status across multiple sites

Seamless Deployment

Automatic learning and tuning

Cost Effective

Efficient deployment with high-performing sensors and low TCO

No Interference With Production Continuity

Non-intrusive solution, can be added to existing running networks

Cyber Security Platform for Critical IT & OT Infrastructure

Non-intrusive Scadafence platform ensures absolute visibility of OT network by offering constant OT network monitoring, OT asset exploration, OT network communication mapping, indept traffic package analysis and risk identification skills and user experience.

Segmentation & Constant OT Network Traffic Analysis Need

Level Systems conducts advanced security network traffic analysis in Level 0/1/2 layers and makes OT risks more visible in day -1, and increase your OT network dominance continuously. Creates data for effective segmentation by monitoring without leaving Blind Spot.

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