In Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation process, the concepts of “Closed-Isolated Production Systems” were left behind, and the age of smart production-smart factories started with the industrial Internet. OT network devices further need to access to ERP systems on your IT network in order to carry out robotics and autonomous artificial intelligence based manufacturing, which means more sensors and interconnections (smart switch-cabling), as well as the constant communication need with Scada and ERP systems in TCP/IP levels, and need for IT & OT convergence to access cable or cable-laid or wireless OT level systems over IIoT equipment attached into these devices in order to collect data and carry out remote management and intervention for maintenance and support purposes.

Why SCADAfence?
Cyber Security Platform for Critical IT & OT Infrastructure
Non-intrusive Scadafence platform ensures absolute visibility of OT network by offering constant OT network monitoring, OT asset exploration, OT network communication mapping, in-dept traffic package analysis and risk identification skills and user experience.
Act proactive to protect production facility
You need a proactive platform which recognizes the OT protocols and translate between IT and OT for facility’s network modernization and facility cyber security.
Ineffective IT solutions in OT, increase in OT Ntw Risk by IIoT
IT solutions do not recognize OT protocols. While trying to collect in-field data with IIoT sensors, the speed of harmful content to spread is much faster and its effects are more destructive when accessed to the OT networks with low protection levels maliciously.
Segmentation & Constant OT Network Traffic Analysis Need
Level Systems conducts advanced security network traffic analysis in Level 0/1/2 layers and makes OT risks more visible in day -1, and increase your OT network dominance continuously. Creates data for effective segmentation by monitoring without leaving Blind Spot.

Visibility and Asset Management

Risk profiling and proactive reductions

Continuous monitoring

Detection of malicious threats

Forensic medicine and intervention

Integration with corporate management systems

Imagine a hidden camera monitoring OT network traffic

All OT equipment you use and the lines on which they operate are modernized in the Industry 4.0 digital transformation process. Cyber ​​Security must be discussed at all stages in this transformation process. It has been observed that IT Security PenTest methods are not used, and if they tried in OT infrastructures, they result in adverse damages. SCADAfence functions like a camera in your facility and interprets and synthesizes a copy of your traffic. It creates alarms to make you proactive. Besides, it operates as a hidden camera and attackers who attampt to infiltrate the facility from inside or outside leave traces on the network layer while communicating with C&C by creating very minor densities of network traffic (information gathering, scanning, etc.) to mature the attack. SCADAfence captures therese minor but risky traffics, compares them with attack types and signature patterns and interprets them to inform you before the attack becomes active.


For your Domestic and Foreign ICS/OT Security and Facility Modernization Projects


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